From a Potato Peeler to Nail Polish, the Tools and Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Home safety expert Danny Lipford has a bucket full of helpful tips for homeowners everywhere.

An irritating problem around the house is nothing to stress about when you know these simple life hacks.

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Home safety expert Danny Lipford has a bucket full of helpful tips for homeowners everywhere.

He and Inside Edition recently paid a visit to the suburban New York home of Rich and Ellen Kamzan, where he provided easy and helpful hacks to fix small problems around the house.

If a loose cabinet knob is driving you crazy, you can remedy the issue without leaving the kitchen. Lipford advises using the top of a common potato peeler to tighten the screw. It works like a screwdriver and will easily get the job done.

Every home has those stubborn sticky drawers that can be a pain to open.

Lipford says rubbing a bar of soap back-and-forth along the track and top and bottom will keep the draw sliding and much easier to open.

Rich has a personal pet peeve about dents in his wood floor, but luckily, Lipford has a solution. Placing a steam iron on a damp towel and gently rubbing it in a circular motion over the dent can eliminate it.

“Its expanding the wood a bit,” Lipford said. Within a few minutes, the dent appeared to be gone.

Ellen likes to rearrange furniture, but can't stand indents in her carpet. Lipford suggested taking an iron and damp rag and like the wooden floor, rub it in a circular motion to remove the bumps.

Another common household issue involves a broken lightbulb. What do you do if the bulb's base is stuck in the socket?

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Lipford advises switching off the power and with the help of a lighter, heat up a soda bottle's screw top until it begins to melt. Then screw the bottle into what's left of the bulb as it cools for easy removal.

Avoid getting screwed over by a stripped screw with another of Lipford's hacks.

“Let me show you how to fix that with a screwdriver and a rubber band,” Lipford said.

He says to put a rubber band over the screwdriver point and turn. The rubber will grip the stripped screw and make it simple to come out. 

A rip in your household screen doesn't have to be an open invitation for mosquitos with this fix. All you need is nail polish to spread over the rip, sealing it as a temporary fix.

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