Woman Claims She Was Beaten Unconscious in Road Rage Attack by Mother-Daughter

Emily Bailey suffered a broken nose and concussion in the horrific encounter.

An enraged mother and daughter are accused of pummeling a 20-year-old driver in a disturbing act of road rage that was recently caught on camera in Florida.

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“She looked like she wanted to kill me,” Emily Bailey told Inside Edition. 

She says she was driving home from work as a vet's assistant outside Tampa when she was cut off by another driver. She claims she swerved into the median to avoid them and honked her horn.

That led to middle fingers flying from the other car. When she pulled up a traffic light, things escalated.

“Both of them [were] screaming at me to get out of the car,” she recalled. “I told them there is no way I’m getting out of the car.”

That's when she says, the mother and daughter duo jumped out, ran over to her vehicle and reached in through her open window. She says she was grabbed by her hair and neck and pulled out the window.

In video of the incident, the daughter can be seen repeatedly striking Bailey in the head.

Bailey was beaten so badly that she fell was knocked out.

“The daughter punched me and smacked my head into the pavement and that’s when I went unconscious,” Bailey recalled.

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Finally, a passing motorist stepped in and the attack ended.

The mom was identified as 49-year-old Kelly Gemberling, she and her daughter, Alicia Scarduzio, 20, were charged with aggravated battery.

Bailey was left with a broken nose and severe concussion.

She said she is lucky to be alive and "still in disbelief" about the incident. 

Under Florida law, the mother and daughter could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

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