Cubs Player Serves Fan a Plate of Nachos After Accidentally Kicking His Snack Onto the Field

Shortstop Addison Russell made it right after he went over the fence while trying to catch a foul ball.

Chicago Cubs star Addison Russell replaced a rival fan's nachos after the player spilled into the crowd and knocked them over Monday night during a game against the Cardinals in St. Louis.

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Russell was going after a foul ball when he tripped and went over the fence, landing in the lap of 21-year-old Cardinals fan Andrew Gudermuth, who has become known as “nacho man.”

"His foot came up and drop kicked my nachos all over the field,” Gudermuth told Inside Edition.

It was raining nachos and the shortstop ended up wearing the chips, as well as salsa and cheese.

"I had everything on them you could possibly put on them — meat, cheese, jalapenos, sour cream — the works,” Gudermuth said.

Three innings later, the shortstop came trotting across the field like a waiter with a plate of fresh nachos for the fan.

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The guys shook hands and took a selfie.

It also turned out to be a lucky day for Gudermuth, who caught three foul balls during the game, including one that was hit by Russell.

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