Snake Scares Campus Cop During Capture: 'We Catch Bad Guys, Not Snakes'

The incident happened earlier this month at University of Central Florida.

After a snake found its way slithering around a building at University of Central Florida, a campus police officer with an apparent fear of serpents was scared out of his mind after being called to the scene.

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Video of the incident, which occurred earlier this month and has since gone viral, shows the cautious cop asking for the snake's location inside a campus counseling center.

The officer had a few nervous and cautious attempts to wrangle the reptile and after one final panicked attempt, the nervous cop opened a door and was able to get the creature out.

As the snake left the office, everyone in the room — including the cop — was seen celebrating. 

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The police department uploaded the video to their Facebook page over the weekend with the caption: “We catch bad guys, not snakes. Even our officers get a little scared sometimes.”

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