Could the Las Vegas Massacre Change the Way We Attend Major Events and Check Into Hotels? | Inside Edition

Could the Las Vegas Massacre Change the Way We Attend Major Events and Check Into Hotels?

Security experts weigh in on how things could and should be altered.

Following the tragedy in Las Vegas, many have been left wondering whether Sunday's attack that left 59 people dead and hundreds of others injured will be a game-changer when it comes to security at hotels and concerts across America.

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Security expert Robert Strang told Inside Edition it's a delicate balancing act.

“We can really tighten up and make things better,” he said. “We are going to have to make a decision. Do we want people going into the New York Hilton with a line outside going in like they are going into an airplane? Or do we keep a happy medium? We have more security inside, we have more CCTV, we have more people monitoring the building. I think that is the route we are going.”

For high-profile events with massive crowds, including concerts, sporting events, and parades, Strang has one particular suggestion — treat it like America's most important person is in town.

“We're gonna have to treat it like the president of the United States is here,” he declared. “[Security] will sweep every building in the path, every building that has access to the president even for over 100 yards in shooting range, they will sweep. They will be on rooftops with shooters, they will have dogs sniffing for bombs, they will be doing background checks for people coming into close contact. That is what we are going to have to do every time we have a special event.”

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Inside Edition discovered how tight the security is at some Vegas hotels like the Wynn. A producer was subjected to a metal-detecting wand and her bag was searched after she walked through the doors.

“We are going to have to go back now, again, and say to ourselves, ‘Is there something more we could or should have done?’ Former homeland security advisor Fran Townsend told Inside Edition. "But at some point you say, ‘How far back are we going to push the perimeter? What does the security package look like around a major event? What is practical?'"

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