Vegas Gunman May Have Been Plotting to Strike Another Vegas Music Festival a Week Earlier | Inside Edition

Vegas Gunman May Have Been Plotting to Strike Another Vegas Music Festival a Week Earlier

Stephen Paddock reportedly looked into renting a place overlooking the Life Is Beautiful Festival, a week before the Route 91 concert where he struck.

Was the Life is Beautiful Festival the original target of the Las Vegas shooter?

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Stephen Paddock reportedly scoped out the annual downtown event, which took place a week before he opened fire on Route 91 Harvest Festival revelers from a perch on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Life is Beautiful featured worldwide acts like Lorde, Muse, Gorillaz, Chance the Rapper and The xx.

It was twice the size of the Route 91 Harvest Festival that ended in the slaughter of 59 people and left more than 500 injured.

Paddock reportedly tried to rent rooms at the Ogden apartment complex that overlooked the three-day Life Is Beautiful Festival.

With a room at the apartments, Paddock would have had a clear shot at thousands of innocent concertgoers

“It's a wide open lot and like everyone else, we were totally exposed," Inside Edition producer Stacey Gualandi, who attended the festival with her husband, explained. "The Ogden apartment building is about 300 yards away. I have to tell you, I had an eerie feeling that night. I remember turning to my husband and saying something like I felt we were sitting ducks." 

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What likely stopped Paddock from attacking that festival was the fact that he reportedly was unable to rent the specific apartment he wanted, which would have given him a clear line of sight to the thousands of people below.

The Mandalay Bay hotel is just two miles away and straight down the famous Vegas strip, which became Plan B in his monstrous plot.

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