Singer Battling Cancer Performs While Receiving Her Last Chemotherapy Treatment

She had written the song herself while in the hospital.

A 27-year-old with cancer has ended her chemotherapy on a positive note.

Abi Flynn, of Brighton, England, has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer that most often affects young people. 

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She decided that after her long journey battling the disease, she wanted to sing a song during her final chemotherapy treatment.

“On the very last day I thought it’d be great to like get some musicians in [while] I am on chemo. That would be like a really radical, bold thing to do if I could pull it off,” Flynn told

Flynn called her keyboard player, a videographer friend and a few others to watch. She is seen singing the song, called “Courage," in a video shared by Caters News.

She’d written the tune while quarantined in her hospital room.

Her musicians had never played the song before and just came together spontaneously to do so, she said.

“It was amazing because I found this quiet room down the hall from where my ward was because I was staying in a ward with six other people,” Flynn said. “I just couldn’t believe that we’d managed to get the instruments up there and sing with the chemo going in. It was really surreal."

Flynn was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 after feeling a severe pain in her chest. A scan revealed the discomfort was caused by a tumor.

She said the song is super special to her as it talks about the power in all people, something she learned more about in her cancer journey.

“It’s really about the courage we all have that we never give ourselves credit for and that it’s available to all of us and our darkness can be our greatest gift to show us that sometimes,” Flynn said.

“It was about the fact that it was facing the scariest things I have ever done in my life like chemo or just all the things that come with having cancer and having to see yourself in that environment when you are facing something you never in a million years thought you could deal and then you just deal with it because you have to,” she added.

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She said the moment made her feel so empowered.

Flynn will receive her scan to see whether she will need radiation in a couple of weeks. Eventually, she will need a stem cell transplant.

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