Octogenarian Jewel Thief A Free Woman After Judge Gives No Jail Time For Shoplifting Charge

International jewel thief Doris Payne, 87, is out of jail one again.

Infamous jewel thief and octogenarian Doris Payne is a free woman after a judge gave her no jail time when she pleaded guilty to shoplifting from a Georgia Walmart in July.

Payne was arrested in Chamblee after cops say she stole $86.22 worth of merchandise from the pharmacy, electronics and grocery departments.

It was a departure for the 87-year-old, whose reputation for appreciating — and stealing — life's finer things preceded her even into a municipal courtroom Monday.

"Don’t come back, Ms. Payne," the judge told her. 

"I won’t," the self-proclaimed career thief replied.

Her appearance officially ended her latest stint in jail, which began after her July arrest when Payne was still wearing an ankle monitor from a previous arrest for shoplifting, CBS46 reports.

In an interview Monday with CBS46, Payne seemed more interested in talking about the future than the past, specifically she said there's a book about her life in the works.

"I already know that there’s one coming," she said. "I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t." 

Payne said the book proceeds will all go toward her dream of helping foster children. "Any and all money I ever get from a book will go in that fund," she said.

Payne's many heists — including the theft of a 10 and a half-carat diamond in Monte Carlo years ago —were the subject of the 2013 documentary, The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne.

"There's never been a day, that I went to steal, when I did not get what I went to do," Payne boasts in the documentary.