27-Year-Old Battling Cancer Dances Around Hospital Room Hooked Up to Chemotherapy Treatment

"Ever since I had chemo, I was like, 'I want to dance,'" said Kimberly Nguyen, who is battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

All Kimberly Nguyen wanted to do was dance, and she didn’t let her cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatments stop her from doing what she loved. The 27-year-old’s boyfriend filmed her in her hospital room, dipping and twirling around her chemotherapy IV stand while receiving the treatment.

“Ever since I had chemo I was like, ‘I want to dance. I really want to dance,’” Nguyen, of Washington state, told InsideEdition.com

It all started over the summer—a month before Nguyen’s birthday—when scans revealed she had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare and aggressive cancer that would require several rounds of chemotherapy. “You really don’t think it’s going to happen to you,” she said. “Especially in your 20s, you’re like, ‘I’m totally fine.’ I’ve always thought I was healthy. And then something like this, out of nowhere…” 

Nguyen’s life was turned upside down by the diagnosis. Weekends once spent going out with friends and trying new restaurants with her boyfriend Nelson Yong soon were passed by binge-watching television in bed. She also had to put her job at a dental office and nursing school on hold until after treatments were complete.

“I've lately been really fatigued, nauseous,” she said. “I'm anemic also, so I get lightheaded really easily. I sometimes feel like I'm still normal. I can do my normal activities; I can do my errands without any hesitations. But recently I've come to learn that I can't do that anymore.”

But she chooses to see the bright side, and share her journey on social media – documenting every moment, from chemotherapy updates to her time spent dancing in a hospital room.

“She's a goofball,” Yong said. “It's about being humorous, about looking at the best of things, being around good energy.”

Yong said he wanted to film the little jig and to show the world the power of a positive attitude.

Nguyen agreed. “You have to always look at the positives and find the energy to look forward to your future,” she said. “And dance a lot.”

To support Nguyen’s journey to good health, visit her GoFundMe page.