Cancer Patient Wins $200K Lottery on Way to Last Chemo Round

A cancer patient in North Carolina won a $200,000 lottery on his way to his last round of chemo.
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"Winning this made it my lucky day," Ronnie Foster said.

A North Carolina man who finished his last round of chemotherapy has many reasons to celebrate — especially after winning the lottery on his way to the final treatment.

Ronnie Foster bought some lottery tickets at a convenience story in Beulaville last week. When he won $5 from the first scratch off, he used his winnings to buy another ticket. Then, at the "last minute," he decided to shell out for a third ticket. 

He snagged a $200,000 prize with the last one.

"I was happy because it was my last round of chemo. Winning this made it my lucky day," Foster said, according to the North Carolina Education Lottery. "I saw all those zeroes and I froze. ... I started shaking. I couldn't believe it."

Foster, a retired Department of Transportation worker, found out he had colon cancer in January, CBS News reported. After having surgery in February, he started chemo therapy. With his big win just before starting his final treatment, he wasn't sure if it was a good omen so much as being in "the right place at the right time."

After taxes, Foster went home with a total of $141,501. He said he wants to use the money to help pay off his medical bills. He also wants to put some into savings, and maybe buy a new lawnmower and car.