3 Newborn Lynxes Make Public Debut at New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure

Playing New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure Welcomes Adorable Triplet Lynx Cubs

Lynxes might be predatory big cats, but for now, these precious babies could do no harm.

The newborn Eurasian lynxes, Patches, Laila and Ovi, weighed just two pounds each when they arrived at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.

Each kitten was born with a tuft of dark fur on their ears, a signature of their species, and webbed feet that will help them walk on snow.

Park officials anticipate the cubs will grow to between 30 and 50 pounds each.

Park visitors can visit the trio, born in April, at the Camp Aventura area of the park’s Safari Off Road Adventure, where more than 70 different species of animals, including other big cats, live.


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