Conrad Murray's Multiple Women Testify in Court

The Conrad Murray trial continued with testimony from not one, but four former girlfriends of Murray who all testified on communication they had with him on the day Michael Jackson died. INSIDE EDITION reports from the courthouse.

A parade of four beauties took the stand. All are former girlfriends of Dr. Conrad Murray. They all said they received phone calls from him on the day Michael Jackson died.

Sade Anding, a Houston cocktail waitress, testified about a dramatic phone call she had with Murray minutes before Michael Jackson was found unresponsive in the bedroom of his mansion.

"I heard mumbling of voices. It sounded like the phone was maybe in his pocket or something. And I heard coughing," said Anding.

Nicole Alvarez, an actress and model, has a child with Murray. On the stand, she showed off her well-toned arms. She also sounded combative when asked how she met Dr. Murray.

"I met him out in a social setting," stated Alvarez.

"Was it a club?" asked an attorney.

"I believe so," replied Alvarez

"And was the club in Las Vegas?" asked the attorney.

"Yes," replied Alvarez.

Alvarez says she received packages addressed to Murray at her Los Angeles home. Prosecutors say those were deliveries of Propofol, the powerful anesthetic Jackson took as a sleeping aide.

Alvarez said she planned to accompany Murray to London for Michael Jackson's This Is It concert tour and was thrilled to meet Jackson in person.

"I was speechless when I met him. I couldn't believe I was meeting Michael Jackson," said Alvarez.

She testified that Murray called her from the ambulance while Jackson was being rushed to the hospital.

Alvarez stated, "I remember him telling me that he was on the way to the hospital with Mr. Jackson, and for me not to be alarmed."

Dr. Murray and Alvarez were videotaped frolicking in the ocean with their little son, Che, a year ago in Miami.

Also on the witness stand Tuesday was Michelle Bella, who met Dr. Murray in a Las Vegas club. She exchanged a text message with Murray on the day Michael Jackson died.

Bridgette Morgan, yet another former girlfriend, tried unsuccessfully to reach Murray on his cell phone right before Jackson's death.

HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, "It can't be lost on the jury that this married doctor has, apparently three girlfriends, two of whom he was talking to on the phone when he should have been taking care of Michael Jackson."

Prosecutors are trying to convince the jury that Dr. Murray was distracted, juggling his medical practice with his personal life, texting and making phone calls to his girlfriends as Michael Jackson lay dying in his bedroom.

Tru TV's In Session correspondent Beth Karas told INSIDE EDITION, "Michael Jackson was probably dying or died during that 32 minute phone call, because by the time Conrad Murray finds him at noon, he's never been responsive after that."

Michael Jackson's family was represented by Randy and Reebe Jackson in court Tuesday, and they could only wonder whether Dr. Murray was really focused on his superstar patient, or juggling his harem of beauties.