Squirrel Causes Mayhem at Phillies-Cardinals Playoff Game

Did a squirrel change the course of baseball history? A Phillies-Cardinals playoff game was interrupted when a squirrel ran across home plate while Phillies player Roy Oswalt was pitching. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

One little squirrel managed to cause mayhem at a baseball playoffs game, and might have even changed the outcome of baseball history! The umpire thought Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt threw a ball, but Oswalt, and everyone else, was certain he'd thrown a strike.

"The squirrel had a better look at it than anyone!" joked one announcer.

Oswalt got in the umpire's face about the call, saying the umpire was distracted by the squirrel.

Not sure if that's covered in the rulebook, varmints running on the field during a pitch," said one announcer.

Another said, "That pitch was right down the middle, knee high, and Oswalt wanted a strike out of it!"

Meanwhile, the pesky squirrel ran right into the stands!

"He's in the high priced seats right now!" commented an announcer. "Smart squirrel!"

The squirrel did end up helping his home team the St. Louis Cardinals eke out a win. The instant replay showed that Oswalt's pitch was a strike. The umpire called it a ball. After the bad call, the Cardinals hit home a run!

After the game, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel squarely blamed the loss on the squirrel!

"Being from the South and being a squirrel hunter, if I had a gun there, I might have done something, I'm a pretty good shot," Manuel told reporters.