Everyone Finds Love On TV's Newest Dating Show

INSIDE EDITION talks to contestants and the host of the new reality show that puts a whole new twist on finding a mate.

It's the new dating show where contestants make a pitch on a surveillance camera and would-be daters inside the home decide whether to let them in.

Once inside the daters decide who stays and whose excused. 

INSIDE EDITION went behind the scenes of the new reality dating show Excused.
Comedian Lliza Shlesinger is the host and explained how this show has a major twist.

"If and when you get excused from our show, it's not the end of the road for you. You don't have to go and wait in the parking lot and cry. People can actually contact the people that were on the show and date them," said Shlesinger.

Contestant Mandy Reno was excused, but the 26-year-old found a great guy anyway. That's because the show automatically signs up the daters to the online dating site jazzed.com.

After her episode aired, Reno found dozens of suitors online.

"A few people found me but somebody that I actually liked, and wanted to continue dating, found me and it's been a nice experience so far," said Reno.

25-year-old Alex Stein was also a contestant on the show.

"The experience was awesome. I was with hot babes all day, drinking martinis in and out of the pool," said Stein.

Eventually he was excused, but just like Reno he also found romance online.

"I didn't understand at first why I got excused but now I look at it as a blessing in disguise," said Stein. "I hit it off with this gorgeous girl Natalie and she's just beautiful."

Looks like rejection never felt so good.