Things Get Heated on Dancing with the Stars

Chaz Bono got the boot from Dancing with the Stars, but that’s not all that everyone is buzzing about from the competition this week. INSIDE EDITION reports from backstage.

It's round two in the battle of the ballroom. Maksim Chmerkovskiy apologizes for the snide remark he made on Dancing with the Stars when he said, "This is my show. I helped make it what it is."

Now Chmerkovskiy has said, "I think the one thing I really want to apologize for is that I kind of had an idea in my head and it came out wrong. It's not my show. I'm part of a very large cast and I'm very proud of being here."

But that apology didn't last very long. When Chmerkovsky was on Good Morning America, he said, "I have nothing to apologize about for to Len. Certainly not Carrie Ann," said Chmerkovskiy.

Chmerkovskiy's remarks after his dance with Hope Solo are the latest controversy to rock the show.

Dancing judge Len Goodman said to Chmerkovskiy and Solo, "I've been in this business 50 years."

Chmerkovskiy replied, "Maybe it's time to get out."

"Don't be disrespectful," said Goodman.

But what you didn't see before was the hidden camera on the judges showing Carrie Ann Inaba consoling Goodman.

"I'm not letting anybody talk to you like that," said Inaba.

When Chmerkovskiy made his claim that he's the star of the show, the expression on Inaba's face said it all.

'Did he just say 'It's my show?' " asked Inaba.

In the end, it was Chaz Bono, this season's highest profile contestant, who got the boot. He was voted off after Bruno Tonioli made this stinging remark:

"It was like watching a cute little penguin trying to be a big menacing bird of prey," said Tonioli.

Cher was outraged about how Chaz was treated, tweeting: "Going home is fine but why insult him b4 he goes. I have got 2 hold my TEMPER!"