Regis Philbin Says Goodbye to Morning TV Friends

It’s down to the wire for Regis Philbin who will host his last daytime talk show tomorrow. INSIDE EDITION has the details on the end of an era.

Kelly Ripa got teary-eyed at an emotional press conference she and Regis Philbin held today, the day before he wraps up his 28-year-run on morning TV.

"I'm really delighted about the people who said thank you for making us happy. It's kind of important to me. I'm glad I did that," said Philbin.

"I cry a little bit every day. He's meant so much to me," said Ripa.

Former co-host Kathie Lee Gifford dropped by to honor Philbin today.

"I didn't even cry when I left, and I cried this time just walking out," said Gifford.  

And she had to make him the butt of one last joke.

"What is the most memorable moment you ever had on this show?" asked Philbin.

"Well, you weren't here," laughed Gifford.

"What!" said Philbin.

Next Philbin dropped by The View, where he told the ladies he wants to be the next Andy Rooney.

"I'm going to take a little break and then maybe a little show somewhere. How about the last five minutes of someone's show. I want to be Andy Rooney. I want to be Andy Rooney!" said Philbin.

Then, from one TV legend to another, Barbara Walters had this heartfelt thought for her friend: "Can I tell you how much we are going to miss you. You are our number one guest. You are always welcome," said Walters.

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