Herman Cain Calls Latest Accuser "Troubled"

Herman Cain has denied the latest allegation against him from Ginger White who claims she had a 13-year affair with him. Can the Cain campaign survive this latest scar? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Ginger White, the woman who claims she had a 13-year affair with Herman Cain, gave her first live TV appearance and she's standing by her story.

"I'm only here to state the truth. I can't make this stuff up. It was a very casual affair. Am I proud to admit to that? No, I'm not," said White.

In a fundraising letter on his website Cain ripped into Ginger White, calling her: "A troubled Atlanta businesswoman who used national media outlets to promulgate a fabricated unsubstantiated story. I am writing you today to assure you that this woman's story is completely false."

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos asked White, "He calls you a troubled Atlanta businesswoman and says your story is completely false. Your response?"

White replied, "It's very disappointing that he would call me troubled. I have been absolutely humiliated."

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter also went after White on Sean Hannity's show on Fox.

"She's got the full combo platter. Bankruptcy, a sexual harassment suit in the past. She hasn't paid rent all year. She's an unemployed single mother. You have the whole combo platter of an unbelievable witness," said Coulter.

White told Good Morning America she isn't surprised by the assaults on her character. She confirmed that she has been sued for slander by her former business partner—a female bodybuilder named Kimberly Vey. The two women owned a fitness company in Atlanta.

Regarding Vey, White said, "I'm human. It was a mistake. I apologized. She continues to want to move forward with this when I thought this was put to bed."

Meanwhile, Herman Cain is sending mixed signals today about staying in the race for the presidency. In a conference call with his campaign staff he said, "We have to do an assessment as to whether this is going to create too much of a cloud in some people's mind."

But in a speech today he was defiant.

"They are attacking my character, my reputation and my name. But you see, I don't believe that America is going to let that happen," said Cain.