Miss South Carolina Opens Up About Her Massive Weight Loss

Miss South Carolina is competing in this weekend's Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas. You will never believe what she used to look like. INSIDE EDITION has the full story.

Miss South Carolina, Bree Boyce, showed INSIDE EDITION the massive jeans she used to wear before a dramatic weight loss.

The beautiful 22-year-old who will compete in this weekend's Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas, used to be nearly double her current size.

She's unrecognizable now that she's lost more than 114 pounds. Her amazing weight loss landed Boyce on the cover of People magazine's recent half their size issue.

She used to weigh 234 pounds. Now she's pageant-ready at 120 pounds.

"There is a huge differance in the way I am treated now. People say 'Your beautiful,' and 'Congratulations." I have to be like, 'Who me?' Because for so long I didn't feel beautiful and people would say 'Oh your such a smart girl, your sweet'," said Boyce.

Boyce will have some major competition from Miss Colorado, Diana Dreman.

Beauty runs in her family. Her mom, Rebecca King, was Miss America in 1974.

"Being up there knowing my mother is in the audience brings tears to my eyes knowing that I am not on the same stage, but close to the same stage she was on," Dreman tells INSIDE EDITION.

Just two of many beauties vying to take over from the reigning Miss America, Teresa Scanlan, says it's bittersweet giving up the crown.

"I'm excited for the things to come but sad to let it go," Scanlan told INSIDE EDITION.