More on the Sudden Death of Davy Jones

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on the sudden death of heartthrob, Davy Jones.

The 911 call made as Davy Jones was dying from a massive heart attack has been released.  

A frantic woman was screaming to operators that Jones' condition was so bad they should take him to the hospital themselves. The call was made from a ranch where Jones trained horses.

Jones was beyond help. He would be pronounced dead, at 66-years-old, soon after being taken to the hospital.

His band, The Monkees provided the soundtrack of a generation and he was the lead singer and heartthrob.

Now his bandmates are speaking out about his sudden death.

INSIDE EDITION spoke with his former bandmate, Peter Tork, now 70-years-old, at his home in Connecticut.

"He was a man capable of extraordinary heart. I have had some of my greatest heart-to-heart moments in my life with Davy. I wish I could have had more with him," said Tork. 

Tork then told INSIDE EDITION, "Davy in some ways, was the most vitale of us all. It really seems the strangest that it would be he, who was taken first"

Mickey Dolenz, appeared on the Today show on Thursday.

Dolenz said on Today, "I suspect it might have been genetics. Both his parents passed pretty early on."

Both Dolenz and Tork joined Jones for a 45th anniversary tour last year. There were rumors of dissention and the last 10-dates of the tour were cancelled. Tork was quoted as calling himself an "ex-Monkee."

"When you say dissention, you are talking of people having arguments. There was none of that," said Tork.

Jones is survived by four daughters and his third wife, Jessica Pacheco.  She's an actress who's appeared on various Telemundo soap operas. She and Jones appeared on the new Newlywed show in 2009.

Jessica's brother, Joseph was close to tears when he spoke to reporters on Thursday, "He passed right here. With his horses, with his passion and his wife about an hour away. His true love."