4 Ukrainian Bear Cubs Live the Good Life After Getting Rescued by Animal Welfare Organization

Since private bear keeping is legal in Ukraine, many of them suffer through cruel conditions.

Meet Jenny, Toby, Moris and Andor. The 7-month-old bear cubs are exploring their new digs at Four Paws Animal Sanctuary in Ukraine by climbing, wrestling and having fun.

This space will now be their new home after being rescued by the animal welfare organization earlier this summer.

Since private bear keeping is legal in Ukraine, Four Paws says many suffer and endure cruel conditions.

Four Paws saved Andor, who was hand-raised by owners of a defunct hotel in June 2021.

The other three cubs joined in July.

All four bears are now part of the 28-bear sanctuary workers look after.

Their biggest concern now? Making sure their days going forward are filled with play.

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