4-Year-Old Boy Born Without Part of His Arm Gets 3D-Printed Limb

Hudson Barton received his new arm, just in time for the holidays.

Prosthetic limbs can cost thousands, but Hudson Barton's new arm cost just a few dollars to make.

The 4-year-old Kansas City boy received a 3D-printed arm just in time for the holidays.

A video by KCTV captured Hudson's joy as he received the arm, surrounded by friends, family and supporters from Variety Children's Charity of Greater Kansas City (Variety KC).

"It’s awesome," his dad, Nick, told the station. "We're excited to try it on at home in his own setting, but we’re excited about it."

Hudson was born without a left hand and forearm. His new red and yellow arm — a nod to his favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs — is comprised of seven parts that each took four to seven hours to print.

It was made by volunteers at the "STEAM Studio," which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, at the Gould Evans architectural firm.

Volunteers say the cost-effective, 3D-printed limbs make sense, considering the high costs of prosthetics and how quickly children outgrow them.

"Young scientists are looking at the traditional medical model and seeing pieces of equipment that cost maybe thousands and thousands of dollars and going, 'Wait a minute — I can 3D print that for just a few dollars,'" Kendra Gagnon of Variety KC told KCTV. "And not only that, but I can work with that child and family and we can co-create something."