4 Young Girls Who Beat Cancer Together Celebrate With Photo Shoot

The photos mark the first time they are all in remission together.

These four young girls have a remarkable bond that cancer couldn't break.

Chloe, Lauren, McKinley and Avalynn were all in treatment at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, three years ago, and the group has now come together again to celebrate the fact that they are all in remission.

The girls, all between 4 and 5 years old, have had a photo shoot in the hospital’s lobby, wearing tutus, every year since they met. 

In the first, they are all sporting bald heads, a characteristic that bonded them.

This year is extra special because all four are in remission together for the first time. They all donned shirts that read, “Survivor.”

McKinley's mom, Karen Moore, said the reunion was "amazing" but also "bittersweet."

"While we loved being there and having our girls share in this like huge moment, we've lost a lot of friends along the way who couldn't participate in something like this so it just reminds us how lucky we truly are," Moore said. 

McKinley, Ava and Lauren all had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, while Chloe suffered from a rare form of lung cancer.

Lauren was reportedly the last one to complete her final treatment on Sept. 10.