400-Pound Bull Shark Captured Off New York Coast Took Over 2 Hours to Reel In

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Jaw-dropping video shows a college student struggling to capture a 400-pound bull shark off the shores of Long island, New York. It took 21-year-old TJ Minutillo over two hours to reel in the giant beast.

"Two hours in, still going!" Minutillo says in the video as he clings onto the fishing pole.

Inside Edition caught up with him on Long Island, where authorities are on heightened alert after numerous sightings of sharks.

"That one was pretty tired, and it was big, so I was able to handle him pretty easily," Minutillo said.

Earlier this week, 63-year-old fashion executive Julie Holowach was killed in a shark attack off the coast of Maine.

When asked about the potential danger, Minutillo said, "Yeah, it doesn't really cross my mind. I guess it's just a risk you have to be willing to take."

After taking photos with the shark, he released it back into the water.


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