Beyoncé Photo Controversy

New mother Beyoncé was photographed in a car with her newborn daughter sitting on her lap. New York law requires infants to be in a car seat. INSIDE EDITION has the details on the photo causing uproar.

New mom Beyoncé was photographed in the back seat of her car holding her baby girl, Blue Ivy with no car seat in sight.

The photo is causing some controversy because Beyoncé's infant wasn't strapped in a car seat.

"That was such a foolish move," wrote one blogger.

While another said, "It's not only the law but any mother in her right mind would want to keep their baby safe!"

New York State Law requires that all children under the age of four must ride in a car seat. 

Peter Roberge from New York's Albee Baby showed INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander how to secure even an eight-week-old baby, like Blue Ivy into a car seat.

"You put the safety belts around the baby and make sure they are locked properly," said Roberge.

Alexander aked, "How important is it for a rear-facing car seat?"

Roberge said, "Your body doesn't react well. The car stops and this position is a much safer position for them."

Beyoncé's baby blunder brings to mind the notorius 2006 photo of Britney Spears driving with her then 19-week-old son, Sean Preston, on her lap.  

Hopefully Beyoncé learned her lesson and next time she'll safely strap in baby girl Blue into a car seat.