Sandra Bullock Reportedly Wants a Divorce

As a shocking photo of Jesse James is revealed, Sandra Bullock is reportedly moving some belongings into her Hollywood Hills home and plans to get a divorce. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

A shocking photo that Jesse James didn't want anyone to see has been revealed. Sandra Bullock's embattled husband is seen giving a Nazi salute in the photo which appears in the new issue of US Weekly magazine.

James wears a Nazi officer's hat and holds two fingers to his nose to represent Adolf Hitler's mustache. The photo was reportedly taken at James's home in 2004 at the time he was dating Bullock, and they married the following year.

The hat looks just like the one seen in a photo of James's so-called Mistress Number One, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, who was also wearing a swastika armband.

Sources close to James have said he is not a neo-Nazi and that he took the photo "for shock value."

Meanwhile, Bullock has made up her mind, according to US Weekly: "She is talking to her lawyer and definitely decided to file for divorce from Jesse. She won't forgive him."

Her spokeswoman is denying reports that the Oscar®-winner is seeking to adopt James's three kids, including his 6-year-old daughter Sunny.

"There are no plans, nor have there ever been any plans, for Sandra Bullock to adopt any of Jesse James's children," her rep said in a statement.

INSIDE EDITION has learned that James was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer four days ago for a missing license plate. He is said to have had a 15-minute conversation with the police officer and spoke emotionally about his marital problems with Bullock. James reportedly told the officer that he was on his way to Arizona to quote "save his marriage" and the officer let him off with just a warning. It happened on Interstate 10 in Blyth, California, 220 miles east of Los Angeles.

It's not known whether he was headed to Arizona to meet his estranged wife. The beloved actress is believed to be in hiding at her mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Her assistant was spotted outside lugging two big shopping bags from Coach and the Express.

And INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd has the first interview with another one of James's alleged mistresses, model Brigitte Daguerre. Boyd spoke with Daguerre by phone.

"What was your relationship like?" asked Boyd.

"We were just friends. And all of a sudden it got made into four times, and 20 times, and a two-year affair and all this stuff. And it was ridiculous because that's not how it was. It was very brief," said Daguerre.

Boyd asked, "What do you say to people who suggest that you're a home-wrecker?"

"I say that is ridiculous, because I'm not married, I was not sure one way or another what the status of his relationship was and I'm sorry if I made any mistakes or hurt anyone's feelings. I really am," said Daguerre.

Friends of James say "he's shaking in his boots" because "he knows more is going to come out about him."

As if this wasn't enough!