Omarosa Sees Justice Done For Brother's Murder

INSIDE EDITION sat down with reality TV star Omarosa, who, like Jennifer Hudson, is dealing with the murder of a loved one.

Not many people can know what Jennifer Hudson is experiencing right now. But reality TV star Omarosa does. Like Hudson, Omarosa was sitting in a courtroom because of the murder of a loved one.

Omarosa told INSIDE EDITION, "My heart goes out to her. I know that it's going to be very painful and difficult for her."

Omarosa's brother, Jack Manigault was shot to death by the ex-boyfriend of the woman he was living with. She called 911.

22-year-old Marco Cardenas pleaded guilty to the murder Monday in a Youngstown, Ohio courtroom. He made his own defiant call to 911 after the murder.

Cardenas: "Well if y'all are looking for the dude, y'all better tell the police I ain't going down easy. I'm going to blast my way out."

Omarosa shot to fame on The Apprentice in 2004 as the villainous contestant viewers loved to hate. She was such a hit, Omarosa was invited back in 2008 to play Celebrity Apprentice.

She's now a minister living in Los Angeles, and returned to Youngstown where she grew up to sit with her mother in court and see justice done.

Cardenas was sentenced to life in prison. Like Jennifer Hudson, Omarosa knows the anguish of losing a family member to unspeakable violence.

"He's gone way too soon," said Omarosa.