The 250-Pound Pole Dancer Competes

INSIDE EDITION followed Lulu, the 250-pound pole dancer as she competed for a title in a women's pole fitness competition.

INSIDE EDITION followed women who took part in a pole dancing competition and one of them really stood out.

Her name is Lulu and at 250-pounds, she's not your typical pole dancer. But Lulu is determined not to let her plus-size body stop her.

Lulu told INSIDE EDITION, "We are doing the Miss Virginia Pole Fitness Competition and I'm in it."

Lulu has been practicing for months at a studio near her home in Maryland and she was finally ready to take the plunge and compete against some of the nation's top pole dancers. She won't be getting any breaks from the judges.

One judge said, "We are judging very strictly for strength and technique and we're going to judge fairly when it comes to Lulu."

When the competition began, Lulu was up against stiff competition with slim women swinging around the pole with incredible flexibility and grace. There are compulsory moves that everyone must do.  

Then it was Lulu's turn.

She climbed and spun, performing those back breaking moves and giving it everything she's got.

At end of her three-minute routine, Lulu was spent.

Lulu said, "I feel good, I'm glad I did it. If I don't place, I'm really happy just to be here."

As the judges tallied the scores, spectators were allowed to vote on their favorite and the winner was Ms. Lulu.

She may not have won the big prize, but she sure won over the audience.

"I do plan on coming back next year for next year's Miss Virginia and taking the title," said Lulu.