Massage Therapist Claims John Travolta Exposed Himself

INSIDE EDITION talks exclusively to a male massage therapist who says John Travolta exposed himself to spa staffers at a luxury hotel in Atlanta.

There are new and shocking allegations against John Travolta. A massage therapist claims Travolta exposed himself at an Atlanta hotel spa.

"John Travolta stands up, drops his robe, his towel, and flashes the therapist and says, 'All I want is a massage,' " said the massage therapist.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "And he's completely naked?"

"Completely naked," said the massage therapist.

It's alleged to have happened at the same hotel where, according to court papers, Travolta accosted a therapist known only as John Doe #2 in his hotel room on the 15th floor.

The massage therapist, who asked for his identity to be concealed, says Travolta was banned from getting another massage over the incident with John Doe #2. But the next day, he showed up at the spa on the 3rd floor.

The massage therapist told INSIDE EDITION, "He's down there the very next day in his robe. He's just hanging out and chilling."

"John Travolta was just hanging out at the spa?" asked Boyd.

"He's soliciting a therapist to come up to his room to give him a massage," said the massage therapist.

He told Boyd that when Travolta kept getting turned down, the superstar did something completely unexpected.

"John, who's wearing a robe, stands up and flashes the therapist. He drops his robe and says, 'All I want is a massage' and just flashes him."

Boyd asked, "What did that massage therapist do?"

The massage therapist replied, "He was shocked. He said, 'I cannot believe I just saw John Travolta naked. He dropped his towel in front of me.' "

He says Travolta didn't seem fazed.

"He was just acting like everything was okay," said the massage therapist.

Travolta's attorneys have said the allegations against him are pure fiction.

Meanwhile, Okorie Okorocha, the lawyer who filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit on behalf of John Doe #1 & #2  is apologizing. On the day Travolta was allegedly harrassing a masseur at the Beverly Hills Hotel, he was actually 3,000 miles away in New York City.

Okorocha said, "I would like to apologize. I gave the wrong date. If you spend a lot of resources on it, if you are going to make these accusations, you got to have the right date."

He has asked for John Doe #1 to be dismissed from the lawsuit. But John Doe #2's lawsuit claiming Travolta accosted him will go ahead.

"Absolutely," said Okorocha. "John Doe #2 even had witnesses on INSIDE EDITION who backed up his story."