Casey Anthony Is Reportedly Broke and Alone

It's being reported that Casey Anthony is living a lonely life, gaining weight and staying inside most of the time. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Broke, alone, and binge eating.

That's how Casey Anthony spends her days, according to a new report on

She sits in front of her computer all day eating and has apparently piled on the pounds.

Carlos Greer of People magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "Casey is extremely lonely right now. She's sad, she's broke, she's unemployed. And she's barely recognizable because she's gained so much weight."

A source tells People she's apparently fearful of being recognized and rarely ventures outside, saying, "Quite honestly, she's gained a few pounds."
Meanwhile, filming is underway on the new Lifetime TV movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

The unknown actress who will play America's most-hated mom is Holly Deveaux. She's just 19—7 years younger than Anthony. Deveaux has had small parts in other TV series but this could be her big break.

Rob Lowe is playing prosecutor Jeff Ashton, and Casey Anthony's attorney José Baez is being played by Oscar Nunez from The Office.

The movie is being filmed in Canada and will be broadcast later this year.