Photos of Military Moms Breastfeeding Sparks Controversy

A photo of servicewomen breastfeeding their babies in uniform has sparked a heated debate around the globe. INSIDE EDITION reports.  

They're the photos creating an uproar across the U.S. of two military moms, breastfeeding in uniform.

The shots show the Air Force Airmen hiking up the khaki t-shirts under their fatigues to nurse their children.

One of the military moms, Terran Echegoyen-McCabe, breastfeeds her 10-month-old twin girls on her lunch breaks and says, "I'm proud to be wearing a uniform while breastfeeding."

But there's outrage online, with critics calling the women "unprofessional" and "unbecoming of conduct in uniform."

One Facebook comment says, "If you are a breastfeeding mother and will not or cannot uphold that professional image, then get the hell out of the military."

But there's also support for the military moms. "There is n-o-t-h-i-n-g more authoritative than a strong mother standing tall breastfeeding as she barks orders," said another Facebook user.

Just three weeks ago, a controversial Time magazine cover of a mom nursing her almost 4-year-old son sparked a national debate over breastfeeding.

The new photos were taken on Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington state as part of a breastfeeding awareness campaign.  

And the Washington National Guard seems to be quite upset about the photos, telling INSIDE EDITION, "Military regulations prohibit the use of the further a cause...our issue is not, and has never been about breastfeeding. Our issue is that the uniform was used by an outside entity to further their cause."