Toddler Survives Falling Out Of SUV During Police Chase

An incredible video shows a toddler falling out of a vehicle during a police chase—and landing totally unharmed. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.  

A police chase ended in a nightmare rollover.

The police dashcam caught a little girl falling out of an SUV.

The chase started after a young woman was held up in a parking lot in Lubbock, Texas. Cops said the robbers fled in a stolen vehicle.

"He said 'I will shoot you, give me your purse,'" said the victim.

In the back seat was an adorable 18-month-old girl. Her father and mother were allegedly part of the band of robbers.

"He was getting in the car, and I just said, 'And all that with a little baby in the backseat,'" said the victim.

Cops got on the tail of the SUV.

But then the driver lost control and the vehicle was involved in a horrific rollover.

The little girl was actually thrown into the road. But by some miracle, she survived. In the video, you can see her get off the ground and stumble around in a daze. The little girl took a few more steps, then fell over in the debris. A woman rushed from the vehicle and grabbed the toddler.

Incredibly, police say the toddler was not hurt.