Tony Parker Sues New York Club Where Witnesses Say Drake and Chris Brown Brawled

San Antonio Spurs superstar Tony Parker is filing a lawsuit against the Manhattan nightclub where witnesses say a fight broke out between Chris Brown and Drake, saying he was injured in the brawl. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Eva Longoria's ex-husband, basketball star Tony Parker, has filed a $20 million lawsuit over injuries he said he sustained in that now notorious bottle-throwing brawl over Rihanna.
But he isn't suing his buddy, Chris Brown or Brown's love-rival Drake, who witnesses said were at the center of the mad melee at a Manhattan nightclub. He's suing the now shuttered club, W.i.P. for allowing Rihanna's ex and her current beau into the club at the same time.

Parker's lawyer, Elizabeth Islander told INSIDE EDITION the club's owners should have known they were playing with fire.

Islander said, "When you have this type of inciniary situation with these two guys and you put them near each other, and the vicinity of one another, with all the bad blood that has gone on that is very well publicised, then you feed them alcohol, it is just a situation waiting to explode."

Parker is preparing to play for France at the upcoming Olympics and said his cornea was scratched during the fight and he has to wear special contact lenses. He was spotted on the boulevards of Paris this week with his new girlfriend, wearing shades.

Islander said, "He sustained an injury, to glass, in his eye. So that is an incredibly painful situation and he had surgery to fix that."

Parker's attorney is also blaming Rihanna, who wasn't even in the nightclub at the time of the brawl. He's comparing her to the legendary beauty Helen of Troy.

Islander said, "We are considering her to be the Helen of Troy. The face that launched a thousand ships. This isn't the first time that two men have been indispute over the affections of a beautiful and talented woman."

The $20 million lawsuit is likely to be the first of many. Six people, aside from Parker say they were injured.