Howard Stern's Open Mic Gaffe on America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent judge Howard Stern thought his mic was off when he made a comment about one of the acts that performed on the show. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Controversy is brewing over a nasty comment Howard Stern made on America's Got Talent when he thought his mic was turned off.

It happened right when a children's dance troop, known as The Untouchables, performed. Stern had nothing but nice things to say to the children during his judge's review.

Stern said, "You know, I think America learned why all three judges unanimously put you through. You are remarkable."

Host Nick Cannon then asked, "We know you work hard but where does all this passion come from?"

Stern, who thought his mic was off, said, "Their parents beat them."

No comment yet from Stern.

Hopefully, he'll be on his best behavior on Wednesday night's show, which will feature the mutt that wowed the world when he won Britain's Got Talent with his amazing dance routines.

Pudsey the dog made his 17-year-old trainer, Ashleigh Butler, world famous too.

Pudsey dropped by INSIDE EDITION on his way to his big night on America's Got Talent and he practiced his moves.

The dog arrived in America rested and relaxed, thanks to Simon Cowell, who flew him out on his private jet because Butler couldn't bare to put her beloved pooch in a commercial cargo hold.

She's hoping Pudsey's debut on American TV will help launch his film career. That's right, Pudsey dreams of being a movie star. Let's hope he doesn't let the fame go to his head.