Tensions Remain High in Batman Theaters

Emotions are still running high over the Colorado movie massacre as moviegoers run in panic when a fight broke out in a theater. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Moviegoers fled in panic from a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, running for their lives in sheer terror.  

The stampede, caught on surveillance video, was triggered by a fight inside the theater.

The incidents took place at an IMAX movie theater outside Pittsburgh. Police said nerves are raw and emotions high in the wake of the Batman movie massacre in Colorado.

INSIDE EDITION is also learning more about James Holmes' crazy behavior behind bars. He reportedly keeps asking, "What's going on?" And claims to be suffering from amnesia, with no memory of the shooting. He is also bellyaching about the prison food. Some days he doesn't eat at all. And we're told that authorities are so concerned for his safety that when he is allowed into the prison yard for an hour's exercise he wears a bullet proof vest.

Workmen have been busy cleaning Holmes' apartment, boarding up shattered windows and removing shards of glass. His neighbors have been allowed to return to their homes, but some say they plan to move out rather than live in a building linked with such a horrific tragedy.

Jesse Jackson was a surprise visitor to the apartment building, and called for tougher gun control laws. He told INSIDE EDITION, "His capacity to have access to this kind of weaponry legally is a threat to us all."

28-year-old shooting victim Pierce O'Farrill was wounded in the arm and leg in the massacre. Amazingly, he says he forgives Holmes and actually wants to meet him face to face.  

"I forgive him with all my heart. I saw him at his hearing and I felt nothing but sorrow for him," said O'Farrill.