'48 Hours Suspicion' Uncovers New Details About Disappearance of Carole Baskin's Former Husband Don Lewis

"48 Hours Suspicion" uncovers new "Tiger King" details about the disappearance of Carole Baskin's former husband.

An upcoming episode of "48 Hours Suspicion" contains exclusive new details about the disappearance of Carole Baskin's former husband, according to CBS News.  "The Tiger King Mystery," to be broadcast Sept. 9, contains the first television interview of Trish Farr-Payne, who says her ex-husband Kenny Farr may know something about the disappearance of Don Lewis. 

Farr was a handyman who worked for Lewis and Baskin.

The incredibly popular "Tiger King" Netflix series captivated viewers earlier this year. The program chronicled an Oklahoma-based owner of big cats named Joe Exotic and his epic battle with Florida-based animal rights activist Baskin.

In the program, and on YouTube, Joe Exotic claimed Baskin had killed her former husband, Don Lewis, in 1997, and fed his remains to their tigers. She has steadfastly denied those accusations and local authorities have said she is neither a person of interest nor a suspect in the case.

In her interview with "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger, Farr-Payne says that two days before Lewis was reported missing, her former husband told her, "Don's gone, and I don't want you talking about him."

Farr-Payne also tells Schlesinger that a large, padlocked freezer appeared on her front porch and soon vanished. 

"How long after Don disappeared did the freezer disappear?" Schlesinger asks.

"About a week after Don disappeared," Farr-Payne says.

She said waited years before telling authorities about it. 

"I was afraid for my kids," Farr-Payne tells Schlesinger. "You know, I had my kids. I was afraid for them. I was more afraid for them than anything."

"48 Hours Suspicion" said it was unable to reach Kenny Farr for comment.

"48 Hours Suspicion: The Tiger King Mystery" also features interviews with Lewis' ex-wife and Lewis' three daughters.