5 Men Trapped in Virginia Cave Rescued After Hours

The men had planned to go camping in the Virginia cave.

After being trapped in overnight, a group of five men were rescued in Virginia over the weekend.

Six men, ages 35 to 59, had plans of camping when they entered Cyclops Cave on Saturday evening, but instead they became trapped, according to WJHL.

One of the men was able to escape Sunday around 2 a.m. and get help. Authorities began their rescue mission on Sunday morning. 

The men were reportedly 120 feet deep in the cave and hadn’t packed the proper gear. Heavy rainfall, fatigue and hypothermia had stacked the cards against them.

"When you stop moving and aren't able to get up and move around or you run out of energy, that can cause problems with hypothermia," Billy Chrimes of the Virginia Department of Emergency Management said.

The men reportedly didn’t have permission to go inside the cave.

The rescue took more than 14 hours and three dozen emergency workers from four different states. They had to widen some of the narrow passageways to get to the men.

By 6 p.m Sunday, the men were out. All five were then taken to the hospital. 


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