5 Nebraska Friends Win $1 Million While Home for Thanksgiving

"The Five" gather as they collect their $1 million in winnings.
"The Five" gather as they collect their $1 million in winnings. (Nebraska Lottery)

These five Nebraska men may share a rich friendship, but they’re about to get a whole lot richer.

Douglas Murray, Felipe Osorio, Eric Cobb, Chris Hinkley and Yevgeniy Koval, who collectively call themselves “The Five,” became $1 million richer after purchasing a winning Mega Millions ticket together.

“We found out we won on Black Friday morning,” Murray said, according to a statement from the Nebraska Lottery.

The men grew up in Lincoln and have been friends since high school and college. Some of them have since moved away, but they were able to discover their win and collect their prize together as, by coincidence, all five were in town for Thanksgiving.

The big win comes after they began pooling their money to purchase Mega Millions tickets in October.


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