Bridesmaid Gets Surprise Proposal After Bride Tosses Her the Bouquet

Kirsty Frayne's boyfriend and the happily wedded couple planned the big surprise during the bachelor party.

It seems like guests at this English wedding got more romance than they bargained for when the bridesmaid got an unexpected proposal during the bouquet toss.

As bride Natalie Lavell prepared to toss the bouquet to the women attending her West Sussex wedding, she instead turned and handed the flowers to her bridesmaid, Kirsty Frayne, 29.

Moments later, her boyfriend Joe Booker, 28, appeared behind her, and fulfilled the prediction that whoever caught the bouquet would be married next. Joe dropped down on one knee with a ring and proposed.

“I never thought Joe would propose like that,” Frayne told “He’s very quiet and doesn’t like being the center of attention so for him to get down on one knee in front of a lot of people was massive for him, and I think that added to the shock factor.”

Frayne later found out the idea had come during the groom Ben Lavell’s bachelor party. Ben, Booker’s cousin, suggested it would be a good idea for him to propose during their wedding.

“I know he has been thinking about it, and I really wanted to get married, so they suggested that he did it on their wedding day,” Frayne said. “They wanted to share it with us.”

Frayne said she and her now fiancé are extremely close with Natalie and her husband, and dismisses critics who say she took away from the bride and groom’s special day.

“They’re the ones who suggested Joe propose on their wedding day,” Frayne explained. “I hope it didn’t take away from their special day – it certainly wasn’t the plan.”