5-Year-Old Bursts Into Tears as She Learns She Wasn’t Invited to Royal Wedding

She mistakenly believed an event at her school was an invite to the royal wedding.

A 5-year-old girl from Northern Ireland learned the hard way that she wasn’t attending the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s.

Lola broke down in tears after her mother broke the news that she wasn’t invited to Saturday's nuptials in Windsor. 

"I was so looking forward to it and you said I’m going," she told her mother, who was recording video of her emotions.

“I never said you were going," her mother, Ashlee, replied. "I said your school was having a royal wedding tea party."

The girl persisted, asking repeatedly whether she was going to "Meghan’s wedding," and when her mother kept telling her that it wasn’t going to happen, she slowly began to realize why. 

"Probably [because] Meghan doesn't know me," she told her mother as she began to calm down. 

Her school had a tea party to celebrate the royal wedding and the children had to attend in a royal-themed costume. But young Lola assumed the event was an invite to the actual royal wedding. 

"Before I started recording, she had asked me, 'Mum, is my dress for Meghan’s wedding in London or are we picking it up on the way to the airport?'" her mother told ViralHog. 

The video has become an internet sensation in the wake of royal wedding mania that has swept the world. 

While it is always hard to watch a child cry, her mother did comfort her daughter. 

“I couldn't help but giggle a little in between lots of cuddles and kisses,” Ashlee said.