5-Year-Old Comforts Brother, 4, Who Is Battling Leukemia: 'She's Been His Best Friend'

He has been battling cancer since 2018.
Kaitlin Burge

A Texas mom shared a touching photo of her daughter comforting her young son who is battling cancer

Kaitlin Burge took to Facebook to share the image, which shows her daughter, Aubrey, 5, resting her hand on her 4-year-old brother Beckett’s back while he battles nausea due to cancer and chemotherapy. 

Burge said she wanted to raise awareness about the struggles families go through when a loved one has childhood cancer. 

“Aubrey knows all about his diagnosis and she knows he has cancer,” Burge told InsideEdition.com. “She’s been his best friend and his protector. She always makes sure he has what he needs. She’s constantly checking on him.”

Beckett was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018 and has to undergo chemotherapy treatment for the next three years. Leukemia cells can lie dormant, which is why Beckett's treatment is so extensive. 

Burge said Aubrey has been a huge emotional and physical support to Beckett and she’s always cheering him on during physical therapy. 

“They’ve always been close, so their bond didn’t surprise me,” Burge said. “However, the way Aubrey wanted to step in and care for him was shocking.”

It’s been difficult, with Aubrey having to stay at her grandmother’s house during Beckett’s inpatient treatment. 

The mom hopes that posting the photos can help other see the “unimaginable sacrifices” families make.

“Families lives are flipped upside down, usually overnight,” Burge said. “I think it gives those who aren’t familiar a look into what our fighters go through on a daily basis as well as their siblings and families. I think it gives the families fighting comfort in knowing they aren’t alone and I feel they can relate to it.”


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