5-Year-Old Starts Patrolling His Streets After His Toy Car Is Stolen

The car was stolen from his garage, and Jack decided to take matters into his own hands.

This Arizona neighborhood is safe, as long as 5-year-old Jack Allison is around. 

Someone broke into his family’s garage in Phoenix about two months ago and stole Jack's toy Tesla, along with some other items. Ever since, little Jack has been on the patrol. 

"Our house is detached from our garage. So they came in, they didn't come into the house as you would expect with a garage, and they came in and stole the clicker out of my car," mom Tiffany Allison told CBS 5. "What happened was they kept coming back to steal a piece at a time. We didn't really notice until finally his Tesla was gone, an electric bike was gone, the kid stuff was gone."

After the thefts, Tiffany said, Jack was concerned about his neighborhood’s safety and everything became about the “bandits.” Jack put together his own police uniform and “bulletproof vest” and started patrolling with his toy guns. 

Then, after his family bought him a brand new toy Tesla, officers from the Phoenix Police Department showed up to give him a badge. He keeps the badge with him wherever he goes. 

"I get to protect people," Jack said.

His mom said his life as an officer probably won’t end soon and that it’s his new thing. And Jack has a message for anyone who thinks they can commit robberies on his watch.

"When they try to get out, I'll be watching," Jack said.