5-Year-Old Boy With Special Needs Surprised With Enough New Toys to Fill His Front Yard

Little Tikes surprised 5-year-old Noah Meiser, who has Down syndrome.

A Kentucky boy with special needs was overjoyed to receive a very special delivery — enough toys to fill his front yard.

Little Tikes surprised 5-year-old Noah Meiser, who has Down syndrome, with toys as part of its "Project Play Big!" series on YouTube. Host Brett Tutor visited the family earlier this year for one of the series' episodes.

"Brett showed up and they came inside," said dad Zach. "We sat down and we got to know each other, and then Little Tikes brings just this plethora of toys. When I say plethora, it filled our front yard. Noah was just overwhelmed."

He added, "There was a sense of gratitude that we had for these people to take time out of their day and come spend it with us."

InsideEdition.com caught up with Noah and his parents, Zach and Lindsey Meiser, at the Louisville, Kentucky, stop of the Little Tikes Play Big! Tour to hear more about what they learned from the experience.

"It really put into perspective that we could be doing more playtime with Noah," Zach said. "We could be doing more family time with Noah, which to him means the world. ... I think it's important for anybody who has kids to just turn the TV off, put the cellphone down, and to play with your kid."

Playing has helped Noah — who starts kindergarten in the fall — grow and develop.

"Noah doesn't see limitations," his dad added. "He doesn't see color or race. He doesn't see disabled, or not disabled, or special needs, or not special needs. Noah sees another human being that he gets to interact with."

Little Tikes is on tour this month and is encouraging families around the country to Play Big in their neighborhoods. Go to LittleTikes.com to get tour stop locations, find Tikes Play Tips, learn about products and retailer promotions — and more.