How This Toy Is Educational and Good for the Environment

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It's called Circular Species, the toy that is supposed to break down. 

The biodegradable toy woolly mammoth teaches kids about the carbon cycle using natural materials and an app. Fernanda Dobal created the toy.

A kid gets a seed packet and the woolly mammoth. They'll use an augmented reality app to learn about the carbon cycle.

"Then they are invited to plant the seeds and actually bury their toy and over the course of several weeks the external shell of the toy will biodegrade and during that time they'll use the app to learn what's happening and then they get to be paleontologists and go outside and excavate the skeleton," Dobal told Reuters.

Dobal says this game will help kids understand the impact humans have on the planet. She said her little sister inspired her to come up with the idea. 

"I was asked to write a time-capsule letter for my 12-year-old sister that she was going to open in five years and while I was writing that letter I was thinking 'Oh!, Well, what if we did this with natural materials and what if we did this with toys?' My background is in education technology so I wanted to create a sustainable toy that would teach kids something," she said.

Dobal is getting ready to make the toy available for purchase. 


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