Golden Retriever's Best Friend Is a Toy That Looks Exactly Like Him

Barley the golden retriever brings around his stuffed mini-me wherever he goes.

Barley the golden retriever never leaves home without his best friend Fluffy, a stuffed toy that looks exactly like him.

His owner, 31-year-old Zita Butler, explained the 1-year-old pup living in Amsterdam is your average fun-loving golden retriever.

“He’s an attention seeker. He’s a bit goofy. He’s a real explorer,” Butler told “He loves running on the beach and through the woods, just as much as he loves curling up on the couch with Fluffy and his humans.”

Butler and her partner had purchased Fluffy from Ikea about a week before Butler joined their household.

“We thought a little mini-me would help him through those first scary days at home without his mum and siblings,” Butler said.

Ever since then, they have been inseparable. Wherever Barley goes, Fluffy can usually be seen tagging along between Barley’s jaws.

“Goldens are known for their soft mouth so I guess he feels comfort when he holds him and he loves the attention he gets when he carries him around everywhere,” Butler said. “They go for walks together, they chill together, they sleep next to each other."

Butler said Fluffy even seems to comfort Barley during stressful times, like when the vacuum cleaner comes on.

“Barley takes such good care of Fluffy, it's the sweetest thing ever,” Butler said. “He even washes him each morning too!”