50 Dead and Dozens Injured After Passenger Train in Taiwan Gets Derailed

Cameras inside the train show the exact moment of impact between the train and the truck.

The Taiwan Transportation Safety Board has released onboard-camera footage that shows the moment a passenger train struck a truck on its tracks and derailed.

Over 500 passengers were packed on the train at the time of impact. At least 50 people died, including the train’s driver; dozens of people were injured. It is Taiwan’s worst rail accident in 70 years.

After the accident, first responders worked together to pull passengers from the crumpled wreckage. They even had to use an electric saw to cut away metal. The rescue operation was complicated due to the fact that the train was entering a tunnel as it derailed.

Grieving family members have gathered at a morgue in the southeastern city of Taitun to honor those lost in the crash. 

Since the incident, crews have been working to extract the train from the crash site and tunnel. Officials are also investigating the crash and are trying to determine how the truck was able to fall on the tracks.