500 Wedding Dresses Donated to Veterans and Their Families

Through the annual “Salute to the Dress,” 500 dresses are being given away for free.

Hundreds of veterans and military families are receiving free wedding dresses

Through the annual "Salute to the Dress," 500 dresses are being given away for free. All the dresses were donated by a local realty company. 

“We have up to 500 dresses that we want to donate and our only request is that they get into the hands of local veteran families,” Camden County Freeholder Bill Moen told local station KYW. 

Organizers said the dresses can be used for weddings and vow renewals

“It’s an amazing dress. I look beautiful,” said Navy veteran Nazel Custis. “I look like a princess. I’m happy.”

Rachel Dietrich is another woman who is thankful to have the opportunity to receive a gown. The brother of Dietrech’s husband-to-be died while serving. 

“I’ve never seen so many affordable wedding dresses in my life,” said Dietrich. “To see all this and to know I could get it, it’s a blessing.”

Dietrich’s mother-in-law, Soliada Santiago Ramos, said the gift is thoughtful.

“It just means a lot to me that they acknowledge our veterans and even Gold Star families,” Ramos said. “Because it’s just another way for me and everyone else to honor who served.”