Acne Sufferer Goes From YouTube To The Runway

A young model has arrived on the catwalks of Fashion Week in New York, and you would never guess she once suffered from terrible acne. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the model to hear her story.

Gorgeous model Cassandra Bankson is a break-out star at Fashion Week in New York.

Looking at Bankson today you'd never believe that she once suffered from a different kind of break-out, chronic acne.

In her YouTube video that made her famous, Bankson said, "Here I am with no make-up. No nothing, no eyes, and I feel really disgusting."

She bravely showed her terrible acne to the world in 2010. It covered her entire face, even her neck.

"It's everywhere," said Bankson in the video.

Everyone was moved as Bankson described her anguish and demonstrated the make-up regime she used to conceal her acne, an arduous process that involved several layers of foundations and concealers. The results were astonishing.

"Voila. I have somewhat clear looking skin," said Bankson at the end of her video.

Bankson's stunning transformation caught the eye of top modeling agency Explore Modeling. Now, she's poised to make her debut on one of fashion's premiere stages, New York Fashion Week.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney caught up with Bankson to talk about her transformation.

"You must be so excited," said McInerney. "Did you ever dream you'd be modeling at Fashion Week?"

"To be completely honest, no," said Bankson. "It was always one of those dreams, but you know, being in class and being told that you're not good enough or not pretty enough. It never crosses your mind."

Bankson's YouTube video has been viewed an astonishing 11 million times, and is an inspiration for anyone suffering from bad acne.

"What is your skin like today?" asked McInerney.

"It is definitely better than it used to be. But, I still have a lot of problems with acne. I still have to cover it up everyday. But what is great is that I do feel confident going out without make up sometimes," said Bankson.

So, the young woman who was once too embarrassed to go out in public is now the freshest face in fashion!