Cop Drags 77-Year-Old Woman From Car

INSIDE EDITION reports on a 77-year-old woman who was dragged from her car and handcuffed by a police officer after she refused to leave her car because she had to answer the call of nat

A 77-year-old grandmother was dragged from her car and handcuffed by a police officer in an incident that started out as a routine stop for speeding.

It happened near Dallas, Texas, and was caught on dash cam and on a second camera mounted on the officer's uniform.

It started out friendly, but grandma, Lynn Bedford tried to explain she had an urgent problem.

“All right. Let's hurry up. I've got to go to the bathroom,” she said to the officer.
The cop said, “Let me see your driver’s license and insurance, please.”
“I have a bladder infection,” she said.
The cop again asked, “Let me see your driver's license and insurance, please.”
She then begged, “Will you listen to me?”
He sternly said, “No. I want to see your driver’s license and insurance and then I’ll listen to you.”

The heated exchange quickly escalated.

Bedford said, “I'll give it to you in a minute.”
The cop said, “No, you give it to me now or I’m going to take you to jail.”
She said, “Well, go ahead.”

And he did. He asked her to get out of car. When she refused, Sgt. Gene Gehab dragged her out of her seat on to the ground.

Now, the video, seen across America is causing an uproar.

Keene County police said the officer did not break any rules. Security expert Steve Kardian studied the video for INSIDE EDITION.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Kardian, "Did the police need to resort to that level of violence? Did he need to pull on her arm and throw her to the ground?"

Kardian said, "We never like to see a 77-year-old taken into custody. But unfortunatley, he told her five times to produce her licence and registration. She said, 'No.' She refused. Then, he told her more than 12 times to get out of the car. It's Game Over. She was going to get arrested. No question."

The women of The View had little sympathy for the elderly woman.

Whoopi Goldberg said, “When a cop says get out of the car, you get out of the car!”