Britney Spears Makes Judging Debut on The X-Factor

Are there judges nastier than Simon Cowell? After Britney Spears and Demi Lovato made their X-Factor debut, Spears seems to be giving Cowell a run for his money. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

All hail the new Queen of Mean!

Britney Spears made her debut on The X-Factor Wednesday night and she was one tough cookie.

"You need a new teacher to teach you how to sing,' she told one contestant.

Even Mr. Nasty himself, Simon Cowell, was a little taken aback.  

"And they call me the mean one," Cowell said.

And Spears’ quirky expressions are getting lots of attention. She grimaced, winced and cringed her way through the show.

There was even an awkward encounter with a man from Spears’ past. Don Philip performed a duet with Spears on her debut album back in 1999. But fast forward 13 years, her old singing partner failed to impress Spears.

"Your voice really isn't up to the bar of the standards of The X-Factor and what we want,” she said.

Wednesday night was an epic battle of the TV talents shows, with The X-Factor, The Voice and America’s Got Talent all vying for viewers.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Howard Stern on the red carpet at America’s Got Talent. He  didn't seem to be looking forward to the three-way brawl.

“All these shows going head-to-head, it's like telling America, ‘Choose one, choose one, choose one.’ They love a battle. They love a blood bath, so we'll see,” Stern said.

Turns out, Stern had nothing to worry about. America’s Got Talent won the night with 11 million viewers. The Voice came in second with 10 million, and despite the draw of Spears and Demi Lovato, The X-Factor came third with 8 million viewers.

TV Guide's Steve Bataglia told INSIDE EDITION, "I think it is going to take some time for The X-Factor to build-up an audience. The show just wasn't very good in it's first season, Simon Cowell even admitted that. They needed something fresh and I think over time, if it works, there will be a buzz about it and more viewers will tune in."