Ann Romney Tells Critics: "Stop It. This Is Hard"

It's been a rough week for the Romney campaign and Ann Romney has come out swinging, telling critics that running a campaign is hard and to stop the criticism. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Ann Romney says enough is enough.

Ann was being interviewed on an Iowa radio station when she was asked about the worst week yet for her husband, and the criticism being leveled at him by other conservatives.  

The radio host asked Ann, "What do you say to your fellow Republicans?"

"Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring. This is hard. And you know, it's an important thing that we are doing right now and it's an important election," said Ann.

The headlines today paint a picture of a campaign in jeopardy.

The Huffington Post says: "Face The Music. If There Ever Was A Time To Panic..."

And from The Washington Post:  "Romney Campaign Is In Trouble."

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked MSNBC's Craig Melvin, "Ann Romney has come out swinging. What does that tell you about the state of this campaign?"

"It tells you that the campaign is in trouble," said Melvin. "This has been a very long week for the Romney campaign. They've been getting it from all directions."

And Mitt Romney faced an onslaught of mockery from a special Saturday Night Live that aired Thursday on NBC. In one sketch mocking the Romney secret video tape incident, Jason Sudeikis, playing Romney, said, "Is that a camera on the table pointing right at me?"

That secretly recorded tape of Romney talking to rich donors was front and center on the SNL special.

In another sketch, SNL cast members portray Fox News anchors referring to video they uncovered of Mitt Romney talking to people at McDonalds where Romney spits out his food and says, "That's disgusting. How you people eat this garbage?"

While the attacks on Romney were scathing, President Obama skated by, with a sketch of Weekend Update, where Seth Meyers said, "President Obama on Tuesday night attended an exclusive fundraising event in Manhattan organized by Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Sounds like a good endorsement for the president because, when has Jay-Z ever backed a loser?" as a graphic of the Brooklyn Nets appeared on screen. "Oh right," said Meyers.